S8-E3 Jesus told many parables about farming and they have spiritual life meanings. What is the meaning to the Parable about Growing Grain?

S8-E2 What does the Bible saying about farming?  Taking care of the land and animals?  Providing for our food and clothing?

S8-E1 God is the Creator.  And part of His creation is our farmland. Do you believe God rules creation still?  Do you see God’s handiwork in our f...View Details

S7-E4 Where did languages come from?  Do you believe the story of the Tower of Babel is true? How many languages can you speak?

The Flood Genesis 6:17-19

S7-E3 Do you believe there was a world-wide flood that was God’s judgment on the earth as recorded in Genesis? Do you believe Noah and his family we...View Details

The Fall Genesis 3:6

S7-E2 God’s creation was perfect.  Then everything went wrong.  The fall of Satan from heaven lead to the fall on humankind on earth. Do you reali...View Details

S7-E1 We begin a series for September of the four major world events in Genesis chapters 1 through 11. Let us start at the beginning.  How did this w...View Details

S6-E9 Are you living in the agony of defeat or in the thrill of victory?  The Christian life is to be a victorious life. Have you experienced some re...View Details

S6-E8 People run from God all the time, but no one can hide from Him. Are you living in the presence of the Lord, or are you on the run from God?

S6-E7 Jesus Christ gives us life.  Is Christ living in you? Are you living in Christ?

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