S6-E2 The Church is God’s dwelling on earth.  Christians are His church. Are you a part of Christ’s church

S6-E1   Ever wonder where our American Founding Fathers came up with the idea of religious freedom?  Do you value your religious freedom?

S5-E5 There is a book in the Bible devoted to strengthening marriages.  To those of you who are married - how is your marriage?  Is their commitme...View Details

S5-E4  King Solomon has some fascinating perspectives on life, even humorous at times. Do you find meaning in your life?  What gives you purpose for...View Details

S5-E3 Do you desire wisdom?  How do you seek wisdom? When was the last time you read Proverbs?

S5-E2 Who is the most important person in your life?  What role does God Almighty have in your life? How do you express worship and praise?

S5-E1 What difficulties are you going through?  How are you handling the problems of life that come your way? Can you be like Job and confidently dec...View Details

S4-E4 The best education is based on the truth that God is the source of knowledge and wisdom. How have you been educated? Has your education been bas...View Details

S4-E3 A challenging topic for us independent individuals is obedience to authority. The first line of authority we need to obey is God.  Do you obey ...View Details

S4-E2 We all mess up. We all sin, but many times we don’t want to admit it. How should be deal with our sins and our sinfulness?  What hope of forg...View Details

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