S6-E8 People run from God all the time, but no one can hide from Him. Are you living in the presence of the Lord, or are you on the run from God?

S6-E7 Jesus Christ gives us life.  Is Christ living in you? Are you living in Christ?

S6-E6 Do you ever feel spiritually drained?  Does your interest in spiritual things diminish over time? Are you interested in having a fresh encounte...View Details

: S6-E5 Do you realize people watch how Christians live? Does our words match our actions?  Is our talk the same as our walk?

S6-E4 What makes a great leader?  It may not be as complicated as you think, our text provides two qualities. Can you develop these in your life?

Jesus is Lord John 14:11

S6-E3 Who is Jesus?  What do you believe about Jesus? Better yet, do you believe in Jesus?

S6-E2 The Church is God’s dwelling on earth.  Christians are His church. Are you a part of Christ’s church

S6-E1   Ever wonder where our American Founding Fathers came up with the idea of religious freedom?  Do you value your religious freedom?

S5-E5 There is a book in the Bible devoted to strengthening marriages.  To those of you who are married - how is your marriage?  Is their commitme...View Details

S5-E4  King Solomon has some fascinating perspectives on life, even humorous at times. Do you find meaning in your life?  What gives you purpose for...View Details

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